[Moody walk through downtown Birmingham] I lived in Alabama for about 4 years. There was much to learn about Civil Rights, lots of nature, and bits of history scattered throughout this city. Although I was raised in Virginia, Alabama still holds a place in my heart. Pictured in this photo is the Alabama Theatre, which held its grand opening in 1927.

[Moody walk through downtown Birmingham]...

My love and I have put together a travel page of our trips together. Make sure you follow @coupleofworldcitizens! We’ll be posting lots of photos and videos you won’t see on our main feeds. But about this photo — Remember that beautiful waterfall I posted back in October on the border of North and South Carolina? Well, this is a pit stop we made coming back from the waterfall at this overlook on the highway. We took a moment to get a look at a portion of the Blue Ridge Mountains and Fitz put the drone up for an even better aerial view (We’ll probably post that on the other page). Hope to have you all join us on our new page! 🌎

My love and I have...

Every adventure begins with something we’re searching for. We’re all seeking something, whether it be inner peace, ultimate purpose, new ideas, or expansion of thought. We all need a trigger moment — something that forces change upon us. Whether we take the leap or not is the choice that really matters. Why do you travel?

Photo: @fitztheworldcitizen

Every adventure begins with something...

Last night’s look at the @virginvoyages launch wearing vintage @muehlederlabel. #virginvoyages #seatease

Last night’s look at the...

Fall isn’t the time to be boring, layer up and slay. Full look from @officialmadeinitaly.

Photo: @underground_nyc

Fall isn’t the time to...

Black Magic & Dramatic
Dress: @muehlederlabel 
Photo: @buon_buon

Black Magic & Dramatic Dress:...

Ciao! 🥀

Ciao! 🥀

Who wants to go on an adventure? This photo was taken just after finishing a walk through the muddy jungle. I hosed off the gunk, and you can’t tell by the photo, but I had AT LEAST 50 mosquito bites and cuts all over my legs. That’s what I get for wearing shorts.

Who wants to go on...

Just keep strutting.

Just keep strutting.



My Look for Virgin Voyages ‘Scarlet Lady’ Launch

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A new, exciting cruise is on the way and it's coming in early 2019 from Virgin Voyages. The new cruise line, the Scarlet Lady, will feature multiple mouth-watering dining options and bids farewell to buffets and stuffy formalities.

If you’re not a fan of cruises, maybe this cruise line’s epic eats and exciting approach may change your minds. At the launch of the Scarlet Lady, we got to try out some of the dishes the many restaurants will be offering, which ranges from gluten-free, Mexican, Italian, and much more. Each intimate restaurant has sleek interior designs and, of course, every restaurant has it’s own bar.

THE LOOK Blue dress by Muehleder, Earrings by BooHoo

Before we get to the food, let’s talk about the fashion. For the evening of festivities I wore a Muehleder dress, circa 2013, that features sheer, fishnet details across the chest and sides of arms, and an asymmetrical gathering on one side to bare the legs. I opted for perspex sandals to lengthen my legs keep the attention on the dress. Gold accessories for this look seemed perfect, something about the tones together had a cultured touch. My bangles are from a local jewelry shop in Senegal, then there are the chandelier, tear drop earrings from BooHoo that add elegance to my fierce ensemble. For my hair, I did simple twists and embellished them with gold clasps I found at a beauty supply store in Brooklyn.


Food Options on the Scarlet Lady



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My Look for Virgin Voyages ‘Scarlet Lady’ Launch