[Moody walk through downtown Birmingham] I lived in Alabama for about 4 years. There was much to learn about Civil Rights, lots of nature, and bits of history scattered throughout this city. Although I was raised in Virginia, Alabama still holds a place in my heart. Pictured in this photo is the Alabama Theatre, which held its grand opening in 1927.

[Moody walk through downtown Birmingham]...

My love and I have put together a travel page of our trips together. Make sure you follow @coupleofworldcitizens! We’ll be posting lots of photos and videos you won’t see on our main feeds. But about this photo — Remember that beautiful waterfall I posted back in October on the border of North and South Carolina? Well, this is a pit stop we made coming back from the waterfall at this overlook on the highway. We took a moment to get a look at a portion of the Blue Ridge Mountains and Fitz put the drone up for an even better aerial view (We’ll probably post that on the other page). Hope to have you all join us on our new page! 🌎

My love and I have...

Every adventure begins with something we’re searching for. We’re all seeking something, whether it be inner peace, ultimate purpose, new ideas, or expansion of thought. We all need a trigger moment — something that forces change upon us. Whether we take the leap or not is the choice that really matters. Why do you travel?

Photo: @fitztheworldcitizen

Every adventure begins with something...

Last night’s look at the @virginvoyages launch wearing vintage @muehlederlabel. #virginvoyages #seatease

Last night’s look at the...

Fall isn’t the time to be boring, layer up and slay. Full look from @officialmadeinitaly.

Photo: @underground_nyc

Fall isn’t the time to...

Black Magic & Dramatic
Dress: @muehlederlabel 
Photo: @buon_buon

Black Magic & Dramatic Dress:...

Ciao! 🥀

Ciao! 🥀

Who wants to go on an adventure? This photo was taken just after finishing a walk through the muddy jungle. I hosed off the gunk, and you can’t tell by the photo, but I had AT LEAST 50 mosquito bites and cuts all over my legs. That’s what I get for wearing shorts.

Who wants to go on...

Just keep strutting.

Just keep strutting.



Welcoming Autumn

Yet another Summer in New York City has come and gone. For the first time in five years, I have so much to show for what I did with my Summer and am thoroughly ready to take on this new Fall season and whatever comes along with it. I spent my Summer traveling to different countries, trying out new sports, and really being active and outdoors. Now, it's time to move on...

While I don’t ordinarily jump for joy for the cold months, I feel a certain calming energy about Autumn. It isn’t quite the same as the other seasons. It’s not like the blooming Spring or sweltering Summer; it’s a different type of change — out with the old, in with the new. Fall represents the preservation of life. Animals prepare for the winter by storing food and creating hibernation spaces, while we tend to retreat indoors and focus on cultivating a comforting and cozy home. In a way, it offers us a chance to reconnect with ourselves.

Fall represents the preservation of life… It offers us a chance to reconnect with ourselves.

Autumn is also representative of balance. Day and night become the same length of time. The Sun enters the Libra zodiac, which is symbolized with the balance scale. This Libran time grants us the opportunity to harmonize with the Earth and illustrates the beauty of letting go of unneeded baggage. I’m a Libra, so this time is especially important to me for these reasons. I tend to spend my Summers out of the house and looking for outdoor activities to keep me busy most of the days; however, during Fall, I look forward to a cozy home, lots of comfort cooking, finding new interests indoors, and polishing up on skills. It’s a period of self-awareness, protection, and even mystery, because I don’t know what’s coming next with my new found changes.
Top Pretty Little Thing; Jeans Topshop; Boots Sam Edelman; Watch Luxurman; Hat I Saw It First


Let’s get back to the outfit-of-the-day. For me, Fall is all about warm tones. I opted for a camel top to go for more of a nude look to match my skin and the highlights in my hair. I’m wearing two of my favorite items in my closet: Topshop Joni Jeans and the Roll Neck Bodysuit by Pretty Little Thing. These two pieces are instant go-to pieces not only for their simplicity and ease of styling, but most importantly, for the fit. Topshop jeans fit me better than any other denim I’ve tried. Typically, I have a hard time shopping for jeans because of my measurements. My waist is really small, I have wide hips, and I’m petite. As for the bodysuit, it comes in multiple colors and fits snug against my body. My leather, knee-high boots are by Sam Edelman and have a wide heel for comfort and feature a silver metal-capped toe and metal strip along the heel.

Something cool happened this day…

I met the cast of Midnight Texas

Love at first meet? Maybe… just maybe. The cast consists of six main characters, I had the opportunity to meet five them: Parisa Fitz-Henley (Fiji Kavanaugh), François Arnaud (Manfred Bernardo), Arielle Kebbel (Olivia Charity), Jason Lewis (Joe Strong), and Peter Mensah (Lemuel Bridger). Individually, they each had heartwarming personalities, but seeing them together as a cast was even sweeter. They have well-balanced chemistry, which makes their on-camera work even more natural. Pretty cool right?
Parisa Fitz-Henley
Parisa Fitz-Henley
Arielle Kebbel
Peter Mensah
Parisa Fitz-Henley

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