[Moody walk through downtown Birmingham] I lived in Alabama for about 4 years. There was much to learn about Civil Rights, lots of nature, and bits of history scattered throughout this city. Although I was raised in Virginia, Alabama still holds a place in my heart. Pictured in this photo is the Alabama Theatre, which held its grand opening in 1927.

[Moody walk through downtown Birmingham]...

My love and I have put together a travel page of our trips together. Make sure you follow @coupleofworldcitizens! We’ll be posting lots of photos and videos you won’t see on our main feeds. But about this photo — Remember that beautiful waterfall I posted back in October on the border of North and South Carolina? Well, this is a pit stop we made coming back from the waterfall at this overlook on the highway. We took a moment to get a look at a portion of the Blue Ridge Mountains and Fitz put the drone up for an even better aerial view (We’ll probably post that on the other page). Hope to have you all join us on our new page! 🌎

My love and I have...

Every adventure begins with something we’re searching for. We’re all seeking something, whether it be inner peace, ultimate purpose, new ideas, or expansion of thought. We all need a trigger moment — something that forces change upon us. Whether we take the leap or not is the choice that really matters. Why do you travel?

Photo: @fitztheworldcitizen

Every adventure begins with something...

Last night’s look at the @virginvoyages launch wearing vintage @muehlederlabel. #virginvoyages #seatease

Last night’s look at the...

Fall isn’t the time to be boring, layer up and slay. Full look from @officialmadeinitaly.

Photo: @underground_nyc

Fall isn’t the time to...

Black Magic & Dramatic
Dress: @muehlederlabel 
Photo: @buon_buon

Black Magic & Dramatic Dress:...

Ciao! 🥀

Ciao! 🥀

Who wants to go on an adventure? This photo was taken just after finishing a walk through the muddy jungle. I hosed off the gunk, and you can’t tell by the photo, but I had AT LEAST 50 mosquito bites and cuts all over my legs. That’s what I get for wearing shorts.

Who wants to go on...

Just keep strutting.

Just keep strutting.



Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic

The Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic returned to Liberty State Park in Jersey City to celebrate its 200th anniversary of the champagne house. Even under the 85 degree sun, everyone who attended brought the heat in their finest looks. The attire: day dresses and sun hats.

As a first-timer, I kept it simple, yet elegant rocking head to toe BooHoo. I wore a baby blue, flared dress from the brand paired with gold chandelier earrings and blush sandals.

Being that I had never attended before, I did a bit of asking around so I could properly prepare for my first polo classic. Rather than eating at the food stands, a vast majority had their own picnics on the field. Bringing an umbrella to guard you from the bright sun (or rain) is definitely advisable. One thing that I did find to be absolutely necessary for those who choose to wear heels – FLATS! I cannot stress enough how much you will need them! I took all my cute pictures in my heels, but there’s lots of walking around, games to play, and plenty of people to meet. So if you go in the future, remember to bring a blanket, umbrella, plenty of water, flat shoes, sun glasses, a floppy hat, and food for a picnic, but make sure to bring it in a bag, because no backpacks are permitted (along with professional cameras).

‘To drink or not to drink?’ That is the question… Prepare to spend a little extra on alcohol if you’re looking to drink. The prices are higher and the lines are long and slow ($23-$30 per drink and $160 for a bottle of the label’s champagne). If you’re all for spending extra for a special occasion, this shouldn’t be an issue. Whether you choose to drink or not, this is a romantic daytime date for a couple or even a day out with the girls. Besides, every girls needs something special to dress up for every now and then.

‘To drink or not to drink?’ That is the question…



Dress, Shoes and Earrings by Boohoo, Glasses MAWU, Watch Daniel Wellington

Plenty of familiar faces were in attendance this year. There were lots of models and actresses such as Penelope Cruz, Sienna Miller, Grace Bol, Nacho Figueras, Coco Rocha, Winnie Harlow, and more. Here’s a mix of some of my fav looks from this year’s Polo Classic along with previous years for some inspo:

Winnie Harlow
Penelope Cruz
Tracee Ellis Ross, Winnie Harlow



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