Golden Globes 2018 – Solidarity on the Red Carpet

500 shades of black stole the night at the 2018 Golden Globes. The red carpet was no longer about who you’re wearing, but rather, “Why?” Black dresses and suits ruled the night in a show of solidarity for the mission of anti-sexual harassment group Time’s Up. “We feel emboldened in this moment to stand together in a thick black line dividing then from now,” said Meryl Streep, in one of the most eloquent sound-bites of the night. Seemingly so, a vast majority of the attendees received the memo to wear all black because this year was not about standing out, it was about standing up. To stray away from this theme would be an incredible faux pas and an injustice to what this really means. While this is only the beginning, it’s a powerful start.

“Common to all was that peculiarly American sense of “owning it”. Fashion was not exiled from the red carpet, make no mistake, even if its designers weren’t namechecked front and centre. Rather, Hollywood’s women chose to make their clothing a signal flare rather than the basis for a hollow press release. Such an overwhelmingly co-ordinated response put the pervasive nature of gender inequality before froth, fantasia and designer clothing tags.” – Ellie Pithers, British Vogue

Cheers to the men and women standing up for something incredibly meaningful and a round of applause to this sisterhood. And now for the red carpet looks…


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