Contrasting Style


My personal style changes according to my mood, but one thing that remains constant is my continual evolution and multi-faceted contrasts of style. I’m simple, yet complex – dynamic, I suppose. Some days I feel ultra feminine and sexy, and others I go with a tomboy vibe (comfortable and chic). I realized that I can be outrageously glamorous, classy, and well-spoken; however, I still have a bit of laid-back appeal, which I think comes out in my personality.

Regardless of the matter, I love being able to switch things up often. I work a full-time job as an Executive Assistant at a criminal defense law firm. From 9am-5pm I’m the fast-paced, always-running-around professional. As soon as as the clock strikes 5 I’m out of the door and living my opposing life as a fashionista and model. I go to events, industry parties, beautiful dinners, the works. I do my best to balance my job and personal goals in each day. I write my blog posts and keep up with you guys on social media from my desk in between the madness in the office.

The point of the matter is that your goals can be accomplished if you manage your time properly. I’m sure I have a few more things lingering around that I should cut out of my days, but the effort is being made and I’m hustling to make this my full-time career. I love working in fashion, but I also love acting. Perhaps it’s time to get back to my roots…

Photo/Video: David Vollucci

Glam/Wardrobe Styling: Kelsey Adams

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