Citta di New York

I love waking up to beautiful mornings in NYC. The West Village is among one of my favorite places to be on a beautiful day. If I could choose where to start my morning everyday, I would probably be right here at Stumptown Coffee Roasters on West 8th Street. I paired my cute (and crazy comfortable) flare pants by BooHoo with a nautical blue-striped t-shirt, wide fishnets, and burgundy Franko Sarto chunky heels. All-in-all, the look was fairly simple, but the different mediums of textures, colors, and shapes brought into play really added an extra umph.

Pants: BooHoo | Shoes: Franko Sarto | Shades: Berenik | Belt: Viktor Luna | Earrings: Nordstrom Rack

I’m madly in love with my shirt, mainly because it’s a Christmas gift from my younger sister, Taylor. On the  left side of the chest reads, “Miss You” in a thought bubble. We live so far apart and this was her sweet way of staying close to my heart. She always gets me the cutest things that fit my personality so well. Secondly, it’s so easy to dress up for work to pair with pants and skirts, then again I can also wear it with jeans and sneakers. Thank you Taylor! ♥

I hadn’t opted for faux bangs in quite some time, so I repeated an old style I did a while back, but instead did a bit of a twisted topknot and side-swept bangs to frame my face and show of my flirty tassel earrings that I grabbed from Nordstrom Rack. This whole look screams Italy to me… Well, Italia is love.

Watch: Daniel Wellington | Embroidered Jacket: Mary McFadden Couture | Nail Polish: Essie


Glam/Styling by Me

Photo by @z.maestro

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