Spring is coming! It may still be cold here in New York City, but I cannot wait for the warmer days to come. In preparation of my favorite two seasons (spring/summer), I try to keep my spirit alive with pops of color. Bright tones seem to lift my energy up throughout the rough weather and the hectic speed of NYC. In this case, I opted for a mellow yellow blouse with a blush pleated skirt, layered with a heavy camel coat.

Cat Eye Frames: Official Made In Italy | Yellow Blouse: Official Made In Italy | Skirt: Do + Be | Camel Coat: Beaut Outerwear | Burgundy Bag: Moni & J | Ring: Official Made In Italy

For those who aren’t aware, I also work in the corporate world as an Executive Assistant. I have always felt that my outfits shouldn’t have to be boring or too plain for the office. What’s the harm in a little punch of flavor? Fashion in the workplace is one of my favorites because it takes a little extra energy to get ready in the morning. Not only does it already take a little time for hair and makeup, but we also have to consider how comfortable we will be in our outfits through a nine-to-five shift.

Longevity is incredibly important when choosing our daily office looks. We don’t want to be too bland and also don’t want to be too loud. Most importantly, we don’t want our heels killing us before lunch time has even approached. When planning my outfits, I always bring a second pair of flat shoes that match my outfit for the moments I know I’ll be sitting at my desk for a while, driving, or commuting in general.

I was introduced to the Moni &┬áJ handbag line a couple years ago. Since then, each collection has gotten better and better. They continually innovate bags that are truly different, yet oh so polished. This burgundy bag is really interesting because it can worn over the shoulder or around the waist. I prefer the waist route since I’m not a fan of carrying things. That’s right, if a guy is with me, I’m pretty sure at some point of the day he’ll be holding my bag on several occasions. I always find a reason! Haha! To save myself and anyone who is withe me some trouble, I usually rock a cute backpack, or in this case, a bomb waist bag.


Photography: Underground NYC

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